Friday, July 2

Grr. Arg. Spidermail is not working so I hope none of you sent me any urgent messages recently. I feel compelled to write a blog just to justify this visit to a computer now... I made a friend! For a few weeks I've been talking to a girl in my translation class and having coffe with her after class. Last week we finally exchanged phone numbers and she invited me to watch a soccer game with her but it was when shannon was coming in. But yesturday I ran into her while biking home and she invited me over later in the evening! So I went over and we chatted and watched Greece win over the Chez republic in soccer. Germans are happy about this because the Greek coach is German. This sunday is the final match between Creece and Portugal. It is also the 4th of July and I just bought food for making shishkababs to grill. mmm. Ok, das ist alles...nicht so wichtig. Eric I'm glad your home ok, I can't believe you actually yelled at that mother. I think you somehow attract obnoxious children because I am only ever stuck on trains with screaming children when you are there it seems. hmm. Or I just think they're cute and don't notice the screaming. Anyway Tschüss!

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