Saturday, July 17

I was just about to write about what a nice hot sunny summery day it is today when I head a crash of thunder and looked out the window to see a full out downpour!  Ahh... Münster...   Anywho.  Not terribly much exciting news to report I've felt entirely sleepy and lazy since getting back, so now I'm here in the computer lab where I can supposedly get some work done.  Yes.  I feel like whining about how I don't want to do school work but I'm sure you all don't want to hear it and will remind me that I've spent the last several months tripping around Europe with hardly a care in the world and probably shouldn't whine about having to write a few papers.  I can hardly believe that I only have two weeks of classes left and then fly home two weeks after that.  I can't wait to be home!  and even to be back and richmond and moving into a new apartment, yay!  I got an e-mail from the Husing office at UR today.  New this year, they are going to provide a cleaning service for apartment bathrooms once a week!  While I think its somewhat silly that we aren't resposible enough to keep them clean ourselves... I'm certainly not complaining.  Although it is a shame a won't be in Marsh Hall anymore because accordign to the list of renovations they have aparently "Provided exterior benches for outdoor enjoyment".  Gotta love those administrators, always looking out for the general joy of the student body! 
Ok, I'm going to attempt to get something done now so that I can go to the English theater departments production of "Harvey" tonight.  Can't wait to see germans acting in English!

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