Thursday, July 22

Tropical day dreaming

Ok, so, tell me if I'm crazy but I think I might do something a little spontaneous... I got an e-mail today from Germanwings airline about a promotion they are having this weekend.  You can book a flight for some time in august to a suprise destination and the price is guarenteed to be between €40-€80 round trip.  The booking has to be made between after 8 tonight and before midnight on Monday.  You can choose either a suprise beach or a suprise city.  The possible suprise beach destinations flying out from Köln are: Thessaloniki, Barcelona, Lissabon, Nizza, Athen, Palma, Ibiza, Split, Faro oder Malaga.  As you know I have a free week or so before my flight home when no one will be left in Münster... so.... I think I might do this!  Am I crazy or is this the greatest idea ever?  because just the thought of going to any one of those very sunny warm and beachy destinations is making me feel giddy right now!  Just to have three or four days all by myself on warm sunny beach in Greece, Spain, Italy... wherever.... eeeeeeeeee! 

I swear that I'm getting work done, really I am.  I have it all planned out so that the paper and other things will be finished and my room will be packed in time to leave for an exotic local... I just read about that promotion and for a moment there all thoughts of anything german flew right out of my head and were replaced by palm trees, fruity drinks, and a gorgeos tan!  I know that I was thinking about going to sothern germany, seeing some castles, lederhosen, mountains, all that good stuff... but..........but........Ibiza!  Athens!  Nice!  For less than €80 round trip?! I think I'm going to have to go to a computer tonight and buy a ticket, if I do I would find out next week sometime where it's to.

Ok, I'm really going to finish editing this paper before class now! 

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