Sunday, July 25

I love the Java Jive and it loves me....

Hello beautiful people.  I don't atually have much to write about today but I had to take a break from my studies so here I am!  Today I found a great little coffe shop in Münster.  I was in search of somewhere other that my room to study in and no University buildings are open on Sundays so I decided to check out this place that Heike told me about and it was indeed quite nice.  I got lots of work done and sat there for a long long time.  I should possibly not go there too often as I ended up drinking TWO lattes and eating a cookie.... but it was yummy!  and they actually played good music!  Which can be tough to find here in germany.  They even played a Guster song, and Jack Johnson AND Jason Mraz, three of my favorites that are rarely heard in germany.  Friday night I went to Grand Cafe with Elena for a sort of goodbye gathering for some of the other internationals, mostly the Brits.  I was reminded once again of the really really horrible music they play in clubs here.  The Jackson Five, Grease, Tom Jones, the Jitterbug... the list goes on.  Anyway, it was fun enough though I don't regret not having gone there more this semester even though the British students went every weekend.  We had much more fun last night having a little BBQ by the lake with Heike and Silke, and we were right by a playground so we got to play and take cute pictures together :)  I can't believe they're both leaving next weekend!  Then Elena leaves the weekend after that and I leave for Spain.  Most everyone on my hall is leaving this weekend too, I feel bad for the one German girl, she's so sweet and seemed so sad that everyone is going and won't be back next year!  Sigh, what a short semester it has been.  But there's still a lot to do in the next two weeks and I gotta go get crackin' on my paper! 


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