Thursday, July 29

S-M-R-T, I mean... S-M-A-R-T

I'm so wound up right now!  Yesturday I finished everything I needed to do to get my participation credit in one of my seminars... and then the last session was cancelled!  I e-mailed it all to her so it doesn't matter anyway, and it was certainly nice to have the afternoon off.  The weather is great this week!  Maybe I can even sit in the sun a bit so that my pasty white skin doesn't burn and die when I get to spain.  Anyway... I also have gotten my two Scheins for my lecture classes!  woo!  (A schein in the little piece of paper they give you to get credit for the class).  And I will probably be able to get Scheins for two of my seminars before I leave.  So all that's left to be done is writing my Kafka paper, which I will try to finish here but might end up e-mailing her from the US so I won't be getting that Schein for a little bit. 

OH man, I went and talked to the prof yesturday about my paper topic and there were about 15 people waiting outside her door so she brought in all three from the Kafka class at once and the two other girls were SO DUMB!  seriously, they were also going to ask about their paper topic but obviously hadn't thought about it too much.  The first girl's ingenious idea was... umm, something about the Metaphorphesis... maybe, like, if it's really a metamorphosis, because, like, he's kinda like a bug before hand, and, yeah....    So clearly the professor shot that down in two seconds, and then the other girl had talked to her once already and had proposed that SAME IDEA the last time and been shot down, so now she had some vague idea that was exactly something that we did in class, also about The Metamorphosis.  Seriously, I know they all had to read that in high school... would it kill them to maybe read something else Kafka wrote?  Or think about a topic for more than five minutes?  They have a whole freaking two months to write this paper.  Of course, at least one of the girls told me she is going to Italy with her boyfriend next week and not planning on doing anythingn till she gets back.  Good thing the german school system provides to much time for independant research.  Needless to say, when I proposed my well thought out and researched topic that has nothing to do with the Metamorphosis she was like, That sounds great!  even though I was nervous to talk to her in german and I'm sure wasn't very articulate.  I realize now how extreamly low her standards are... she seems to think that because my german isn't great that I can't think or something.  So I'm pretty sure that even if my grammar is not perfect that I can still impress her will a well thought out and interesting paper.  I CAN DO IT!!!

I have to give a presentation in two hours!! eek!  good thing I'm so pumped up and confident.  Its not a really big deal, its a group presentation about the reading for today, and today is the last class so I'm pretty sure no one is going to pay much attention.  But I know I'm going to horribly mispronounce things and sound dumb.  But thats ok.... they're all dumb too.  :-P  And after this class... no more classes!  YAY!  it feels weird to be finishing a semester right now... its hard to enjoy it when there is so much to think about.. getting back to the US and then getting to UR and everything.  Plus school starts again for me in, what, like three weeks or something.  Oh well, I'm still excited to go home, its just a lot to deal with all at once, but you know what?  I CAN DO IT!!!!

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