Thursday, July 1

Thanks for noticin' me....

Could this day possibly be any gloomier? The weather is really not helping me feel less sad about Eric leaving this morning. Its so hard to say goodbye! Its not for that long really, a couple months till we are both back in Virginia. I just miss my Eric and its kinda sad to be alone in my little room again. But on the bright side... I get the bed to myself again! Its probably good though, I need to be doing more work for my classes so that I can actually get something out of them and I need to get myself together and on track. I need a rutine. All this traveling throws me off so much I never get anything done. Its still fun of course and I can't wait to see my parents next week and go to London with them. But I am also looking forward to the week that I have before then to just hang out in Münster with the great people I've made friends with here but hardly ever get to see because I keep leaving. Ooh, and saturday the president of the German American society is taking a few of us to see Kiss me Kate! I'm not sure if its going to be translated or not, but it will be fun either way. On Tuesday Eric and I went to the movie theater and we were going to see Troy auf Deutsch because they didn'T have any english movies playing, but then I saw that they were showing a special sneak preview in English and got tickets to that instead. It turned out I was dumb and looked at the wrong time and we had to wait like two hours BUT it was all worth it because it was the Stepford Wives which I really wanted to see! The theater was packed, its kind of exciting going to a suprise movie, I think most of the guys there were hoping for spiderman though. Anyway, the movie was good, and even Eric said it wasn't as bad as he expected :)

Ok, I better get back as the rain seems to have paused. Ciao.

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