Tuesday, July 6

Oh say can you seeeeeeeeeeeeee.....

Hello beautiful people. I am once again feeling baffled by the nonsensical german university system. I managed to renew my computer pasword to use University computers, but there is some other card I need to be able to use these during night and weekend hours, but everyone I'm supposed to go to seems to have a four hour lunch break around now... bah. Ah well, gives me a bit of time to blog. I had a very enjoyable weekend. Saturday Herr Pushnover, the head of the German American Society, along with a couple other members took some of us American students to a musical in a little town near by. We saw 'Kiss me Kate', auf Duetsche, natürlich. It was in an outdoor theater so luckily the rain stopped just before it started and all was well, just a bit chilly. The musical was actually suprisingly good. I didn't think I would enjoy it as much in german but I didn't have trouble following in and the lead actors were all really great. The costumes, staging, dancing, everything was really professional, and all in this itty bitty town that trains don't even run to! It was a funny show and even more comical for me hearing an american musical translated into German.

Sunday we had our all american 4th of July cook out. The weather was extreamly crappy, but we had a good time anyway at Frau Hensel's garden and afterwords sang the star spangled banner badly and loudly while riding our bikes back to her house. Yay America! Oh how I miss you so....

I'm finally starting work on my final papers. I think I might try to get a participation credit in one class so that I just end up having to write one because that I think I can manage before I go and I really don't want to spend my first month of senior year at UR writing german papers. I'm actually kindo f excited about the one paper I started researching. Its been so long since I did something academic other than struggle to understand german. And I feel compelled to make this a good paper to proove to my teacher that I'm not dumb just because I don't speak German well, which seems to be her opinion. I can't wait to be back at UR taking English classes!

I'm going to see Shreck tonight! in English! :)

Ok, I'm going to go see if these people are done with their rediculously long lunch breaks now. Tschüss!

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