Tuesday, July 20

This year summer was a Monday

Yep, I think yesturday was it, one day of nice weather, I even laid out in the sun for a bit.  And today.... rain, cold, miserable, wet, cloudy.   Sigh.  At least it will still be warm when I get to Virginia, and you better believe that I will be driving to Virginia beach at my earliest convienience, and it won't just be to see Eric... I need sun!   I need to get out of here!  Just four more weeks... less than that even, next week is the last week of classes and then I can hopefully write my big paper in the following week and possibly hop a train somewhere fun for a week before I fly back on the 14th.  For anyone interested I will be arriving in the Minneapolis/ St. Paul international airport on Saturday August 14th at 5:55pm.  Everyone is invited to come welcome me home :)  It may be your only chance to see me in MN as I have to be in Richmond by the 21st to check in to my apartment and driving there is going to take a bit and I'll probably stop over in Chicago and/or Cincinnati on the way.  
Can you tell that I'm having trouble concentrating on my present tasks?  Yeah.... it'll all get done... somehow.  I just have to write a couple short things- in german... give a presentation- in german- in front of the entire class.  No sweat.  Right.   Maybe I'll just start looking into where I could go from the 7th to the 14th.... I hear there are beaches in Hamburg....

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