Thursday, March 18

2.5 days. ahhh! eeek! ack! eep! I haven't packed anything.... I don't know where I'm living... I don't know where to go what trains to take what language to speak what to bring what to do. I have to be missing something, am I supposed to feel like I have no idea what's going on? It doesn't feel real... next time I go to the airport I'm going to be getting on a place to Iceland...I keep thinking I'm just going to go drop Eric off and then come back here to sit around in sweat pants some more. We've been having fun this week. We experienced St. Patty's in the twin cities today going to BOTH the St. Paul and the Minneapolis parades. Which was interesting... St. Paul is where most of the really truly Irish people are which was apparent from the parade which was very true to the spirit of the holiday I think, mostly unorganized, lots of crazy people in crazy crazy green outfits wandering around shouting stuff and generally getting ready to pack into the bars as soon as it was over. It was very festive. The Minneapolis St. P's day parade is kind of an off and on thing that hasn't been going very long. There were a few Irish groups, dancers and a couple family clans- who they must have brought over from st. Paul because besides that there was a Mariachi band and a lot of radio stations. And people in Minneapolis were no where near as decked out or loud, Eric and I decided that all the hard core Irish folk would clearly be completely trashed by 6pm on St. Patricks day and too far gone to make it to the later parade in Minneapolis. But hey- both parades had candy so I was pretty happy :-P We also made a stop at the always thrilling MN history museum, one of Alexis and my favorite places ever. Yay History! (I am NOT a dork.... it's cool) yesterday Eric and I explored the sculpture garden and uptown Minneapolis a little. We also so The Passion of Christ. When I was reading blogs last week I found it interesting that every other blog I came across seemed to have an entry about this movie. Now I can see why, once you see it you just have to react. I'm not going to write a ton about it here, Eric and I already had a lengthy and academic discussion after we saw it. But at any rate, it's very powerful and I think well done and worth seeing. Tomorrow we're going to see the afore mentioned play at the Guthrie and at some point I have to get packing like a crazy woman. Oh yeah... and figure out where the hell I'm living in Muenster. I've finally contacted people and the international office at school is helping me out, God Bless Susan Johnson. I think it will work out, it's just very last minute and making me a little crazy. but then, when wasn't I crazy? Oh yeah, and any Richmond people reading this- does anyone need a roommate next year? hmmmmm. I can't worry that far ahead yet...

This has been a completely unstructured and unthought-out blog, and while there are plenty of clever and interesting links I could add I'm not going to- because you know what? my boyfriend is here :) So quit reading this already and go find yourself someone to make out with!

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