Friday, March 12

Check this out... I think I found the Easter Bunny! I think I'd pee my pants if I saw that thing hopping around leaving eggs in my back yard. Anyway, what I was really looking for was pictures of cute babies because I was going to write about the adorable little one I baby sat tonight (I didn't find any, but you can find some baby pictures of your own). Her name is Georgia and she's a Peach :) There was also a Chandler (6) and an Olivia (3) who also have their good qualities. Chandler and I played battleship- I won, muh ha ha ha. kidding! anyway, I finally got them both to bed but Georgia was still up, so I got some baby time and you know what that means... Belly Zurbers! I love babies :)

I managed to do quite little today.... I may or may not still be wearing the pajamas that I woke up in, I'm not telling. I do have plenty of stuff that needs to get done before I ship off though. Number one being Laundry and lots of it. I need to pack! ah! I don't know what to bring! I'm the worst packer ever. I tend to bring everything "just in case", but I can't really do that in just a couple suitcases that I have to pack for an entire semester. Although, I'm confident that I'll be buying PLENTY of stuff there, so I'm not too worried about forgetting stuff. There are multiple H&M's in Muenster! Yesterday I bought a Eurail pass online, so I'm all set to get to San Sebastian and back to Duetschland from there. I however still I'm not sure that I have a place to live once in Muenster... I was going to call the international house tonight but I can't seem to find a phone... three cell phones in this house and none belong to me and not one is readily available... grrr. I also need to buy a laptop computer, if anyone has tips on the best to buy for under or around $1000 let me know! I'm so afraid of everything I'm going to have to do when I get there! eep! baby steps Annie... baby steps.... I just wish someone else would do all this for me but I suppose that would defeat the purpose :-/

Let's talk about something else shall we... Two days till Eric is here :) and amid all that packing will be lots and lots of boyfriend time... mmmm.. We're even going to see Romeo and Juliet, how romantical! ok ok, enough mushy boyfriend stuff.

Alexis is leaving for dazzling Las Vegas tomorrow. ooh ahh. If you've never seen this man made wonder you should go some time. seriously. as much as I want to dislike the monument to greed and corruption that it is... it's just so darn cool! and Alexis... I already gave you Las Vegas post cards so I better be getting one once I have an address! The kids I was baby sitting for got postcards from Chelsea today. I haven't even gotten postcards from Chelsea! I haven't even gotten e-mail from Chelsea. Get on your computer woman I know you have one!

Speaking of... um... something... My little brother Scott recently started begging my mom to find him "Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego?" the CD Rom game. I though this was great because I have fond memories of the TV show, the Where in the WORLD version- you remember-- Do it Rockapella! Turns out that they aren't making the game anymore but we found a used copy on Amazon. Scott's been asking non-stop when it's going to get here and it finally came today. However, when I tried to install it and run it our computer FLIPPED OUT. It's only made for Window's 98. Bummer. Anyone know of a newer version?

Ok, that was a pretty pointless story and I mostly just wanted to work in a link to Rockapella... If Caroline ever reads this I'm sure she'll appreciate it :)

Goodnight blog readers.

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