Tuesday, March 30

So... today... we headed to the Pantheon and had our morning pastery in the sun on the steps there before going inside. It was really neat, I didn't realize so many people were burried there, Voltaire, Roussaue, Victor Hugo, Marie Curie and lots of other french military hero's, so that was really neat. Also I didn't know that Foucult first demostrated his pendulum there, they had a model of his set up hanging from the highest point, it was neat. After that we walked to Notre Dame. It's really really big, but somehow things don't seem big anymore because everything we see is big! The rose window is very pretty, they were doing some construction though in the middle of the Church. In they treasury we saw some bones of saints and stuff. crazy catholics. I did get some souveniers for youm Mom, rosaries and prayer cards and madalions. Then we walked to another church, I can't remember the name right now, it was built by King Louis the something, as just about everything was, origianally to house the crown of thorns and other relics (they aren't there anymore). it's knows for it's stained glass which is really amazing there are huge panes of it that make up almost the entire walls. From there we walked to a cute street with lots of little shops to look in and we ate at a Crepperie zhich was yummy, their creps were made with buckwheat, I had one filled with cheese and topped with a tomato sauce with lots of mushrooms. Then we got Itallian Gellati and stood in the sun on the bridge over the river to eat it, mmmmmm :) We walked by the modern museum of art which is a crazy building, very out of place with lots of colored pipes and funky stuff. Then we came back to our hotel and shannon packed up and such and now she's on her way back to Spain. I don't leave for Munster until tomrrow night to I have a day of sightseeing to myself. I think I'll go to the Musee D'Orsee to see the Monet and Renior and what not. I think I'll enjoy that more than a lot of the really old things at the Louvre. Then off to Germany, eee! I'm still a little nervouse about finding the right guy and moving in, but I think it will work out. I'll have a few days to get settled in and find stuff I need before my language class starts on monday. This is going to be a fun semester! Shannon said today that I was lucky that mine was just starting, she's already sad that her's is half over! San Sebastian is really amazing though, i don't blame her. Munster will be amazing too. I'm so glad I can early and that I convinced Shannon to skip classes and come to Paris with me, I'm such a bad influence :) it's been a whirlwind trip as expected, but lots of fun. hoorah for paris!

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