Tuesday, March 30

Ooh la la!

this keybored is diving me nuts! ok... where was I? theres so much stuff stuff here! it's like everywhere you turn you see something famouse! Yesturday we went to a big Opera house which was gorgeous, it's supposedly the one phantom was based on. the celing insice was painted by Chagal, it's beautiful. Then we went to the Louvre. The Louvre! (after crepes for lunch out by the fountain) We saw the Mona Lisa and Venus D'Milo of course and lots and lots of other old art that I wish I knew more about. the excavation underneath was really neat, I had no idea that was there, there used to be a Medeivil Caslt there and the dug it all out so you can walk through the foundations. After that we came bak to rest for a while and here to figure out registration stuff for next year, I'm registered for classes now but may chage them later. Then we went to a fancy gormet pizza resturant which was good and Shannon got to have Creme Bruoule because she never had! In our hotel we've been watching either Brittish CNN or german MTV, it's interesting. There are tons of Germans here! Ok, gottq to, Shannon has to get ready, she's leaving tonight, I don't go to Munster till tomorroz night. So I'll be back later to zrite about what we did today!

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