Thursday, March 25

From Sunny San Sebastian.....

Hola! como esta? See how much my spanish is improving? Ha ha. So... where did I leave off? yesturday I slept very late and then went out for a run while shannon was at classes and it was actually sunny! It was beautiful!! The water is a gorgeous aqua-marine color it was nice. I even started to walk up the mountain after running for a bit but man oh man, that thing is big and steep! maybe another day when I haven´t already been running... Shannon came home in the afternoon and we took to the streets- va a la calle as the Spaniards call it. We had coffe out in a plaza type area that was a bull fighting ring way back when, it´s pretty and there are lots of pigeons. Then we went shopping! yay! Don´t worry Mom, I didn´t spend TOO much. Well, maybe I did, but how often am I going to be shopping in spain? I did find a shot glass :) There are all sorts of fun stores, little artsy ones and bigger expensive ones like Gucci and Benneton and what not. We went back to her flat and she contacted a few friends with plans for the evening and I got all pretty and such in my new European fasions- ooh la la! We watched a bit of Zoolander with her flat mates, which I still have yet to see all of, and then headed out to meet her friend Jessica and her roommate. We went to a little Irish bar first and had some wine and a yummy spanish liqure, I don´t remember the name but it´s very sweet and mixed with milk. Then we went to Tas Tas which is well known as the bar where all the international students hang out, and wednesday is two for one for exchange students. I met lots and lots of Shannons friends and other people there. It was a little place but completely packed with people dancing to typical american party music in the back- something like an apartment party at UR only far cooler for being in Spain. I talked to lots of people and said ´no habla Español´a few times. I got to speak a little german with a few of the german students though. We also met a couple guys from California here on spring break from studying in Florence. One was going to culinary school, we chatted for a while but eventually he got very very very drunk- enough to buy me and Shannon a shot- and he admitted that he was learning to cook because ´chicks dig it´, riiiiight. When Tas Tas closed we went to another bar with more spanish people. Chef boy tried to get in also but was too drunk to get buy the bouncers. ooops. We said hi to the people shannon knew and hung out a little. She pointed out Hot Guy and Cute Friend to me who happened to be there (you´ll know these charactors if you keep up on Shannon´s live journal linked over there <----) She didn´t want to go talk to them so I was finally like if you don´t I will! so I did. I mean really, they´re drunk and standing there talking to each other and no girls, how hard can it be to aproach them? Shannon later called me her Heroine because I talked to them and even DANCED with HOT GUY. goodness gracious. And we met Danish friend, a friend of Cute friends. These people have names, but I don´t remember them all. oh well. Anyway, Shannon got to talk to them as well which is the important thing. Oh, and this little boy from El Salvador was there, I mean LITTLE, he had been dancing with me at the other bar, he was a crazy dancer and reminded me of all the little mexican men when I go salsa dancing at home. He was kinda funny though, dancing to club music and trying to get everyone and anyone to dance with him. On our way out we saw Chef boy STILL standing outside like an idiot. Why oh why to dumb american boys drink so much? sigh. Anyway, it was a fun night all together. And don´t worry Eric, I think you´re far Hotter than Hot Guy and cuter than Cute friend, although I´m not sure about Danish friend..... Kidding, love you! Today Shannon and I are taking a train to a mall type shopping center somewhere and coming back in time to go to her salsa class. Yay salsa! Adios!

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