Tuesday, March 23


Hello Hello. I´m out exploring San Sebastian on my own while Shannon has classes and such. She has a big group project due tomorrow she´s working on. This morning I woke up, made myself some eggs and went out for a run. It was chilly and windy but it´s soooooo gorgeous here. I went around the mountain and along the beach all the way to the other end of the bay where there are really neat sculpture things in the side of the mountain. At that point it started raining so I got nice and wet walking back, but I was too excited to be in such a cool place to really care much. After streatching and such I took a long nap, I haven´t quite recovered from traveling and time changes. I read a little of my german harry potter, had some lunch and then headed out to explore a little. Miraculously the first thing I stumbled upon was an H&M :) it was like it was calling out to me... so I got a couple sweaters mostly because I´m cold! I wandered in an out a some more shops and found the big grocery store and all the meat market things where I managed to get some sliced turkey, fresh veggies and some kind of spanish cheese. yum. It´s funny, I actually feel less afraid to interact with people here than in Germany, in Germany I feel dumb if I can´t say something because I feel like I should be able to, here I know absolutely nothing so I feel like they can´t expect anything of me and people are very nice when they figure out that I can´t speak spanish, I guess they don´t care as long as I´m spending money in their store! I love European cities. There are so many people just out walking around. even though it´s cold and rainy the streets are full of people. and you can walk everywhere! Ok, I should probably go soon... I´m not sure how much I´m paying for this. Good Luck at Nationals this week synchro girls! Go Spiders! and Happy Birthday a little late Chelsea! Feliz Compleaños!

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