Monday, March 29


Turns out my french is even worse than my Spanish :P oh my goodness, I don,t know where to begin! But first I should apologize for typos, french keybored are strange. I,m in Paris!!!! in an internet cafe. We took the overnight train saturday, whih was an experience, six beds stacked three high in an itty bitty room and we had a very smelly guy in the car ith us who snored. ick. but, we made it! we took the metro to our hotel to drop off luggage, we couldn,t check in till 1. So we headed out to see the sights. We went to the Arch de Triumph, hade pasties and coffe in a cafe nearby and then clibed the stairs to the top where there is a great view of the city and the Eiffel Tower! so cool. then we started walking to the river. we stumbled upon the Hotel... something, it means the hotel of invalids and I believe Louis the XVI built it for all the injured soldiers, or something, I have a brochure... Napolean,s tomb is there. then we went to the Eiffel tower and took lots of pictures, which I will have online eventually. We waited in a long line to go all the way to the top. It was neat reading about the history and the various things they,ve used it for and of course the view is great. I,ve been up the Eiffel Tower!!!!!! We went to lunch/dinner in a nice resturant nearby and I had a yummy seafood salad that I think even had caviar on the bread with it. We took the metro back and checked into our hotel. The metro here is great, if Shannon and I can figure it out it,s got to be easy! Then I took a looooong nap, I was exahsted after sleeping on a train then sightseeing all day. around 10 after a shower we headed out again. We went to the... I,m going to spell this horribly wrong... Sacre Cour. The big church, you knozw what I,m talking about. I was beautiful all lit up at nigh and when we went in they were having mass so we sat down and stayed. I think God wants me to go to church or something, for the seccond sunday in a row I stumbled into a church just in time for a service. It was very nice. When we left we went out and looked at the Eiffel tour, which was lit up and sparkling, very pretty :) Then we went and saw the Moulin Rouge! unfortunately seeing a show there is a bit pricy for the likes of us, but we got pictures and walked around a bit before heading back. Today we,re off to an opera house and the louvre!

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