Saturday, March 27


Just printing out last minute stuff before we head to the train station.... to paris! Last night we went to a really nice resturant down on the warf. The have really really good fried calamari and I had clams too, and split a bottle of wine with Shannon. Then we packed up and stuff. Today we went to Bilboa and did a tour of Pintxos bars, Yum! I love this cultural tradition! And we saw the Guggenheim but didn´t actually go in, Shannon´s been there twice and we diddn´t have a whole lot of time, she said its almost all one artist that she didn´t like very much. We talked about things to see in Paris on the bus ride, it´s going to be a whirlwind three day tour I think, should be fun! Anyway, we´re back and I managed to zip my suitcase... no small feat after those shopping trips... and now I gotta run and catch a train!

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