Friday, March 26

Post Card Perfect

If I´m ever fabulously wealthy... I think I´ll buy a summer home in San Sebastian :) or come visit Shannon in hers! I walked up to the top of the mountain this morning to see the fort at the top. The view is amazing, you can see the whole city from one side and way way out into the ocean from the other. Have a mentioned that this place is gorgeous? there were paths and benches all over the mountain, the fort is really neat, I don´t quite know the story behind it, but it´s old :-P I wish it were really hot so I could go lay on the beach, the beaches are so nice. I just jogged along it a little today. It´s still pretty cold and keeps raining, although it is at least sunny today. Yesturday Shannon and I took a train to a shopping center in a nearby city, it was crazy, it was like an american mall, which I didn´t think they had at all in Europe. It had all European stores of course and a HUGE grocery store that had everythign else, like a wallmart, Shannon was very excited by this and found some cheerios and salad dressing. A lot of trendy stuff seems to be trying to be American, like t-shirts with random english words on them that don´t always make sense, which is sad because I think it would be cool to have a t-shirt with spanish words :-P When we got back we took a little nap and then went to her Salsa class which was kinda fun, Shannon makes an excellent Man for dancing perposes :-P It kind made me miss salsa night at the Quest at home though. Then we went to an Irish Bar, Molly Malones, to get our complementary beer after class. We chatted with a few of Shannon´s girl friends for a while. I´m getting excited about going to germany, I ask all the germany girls I meet here what they know about Munster. Most say it´s pretty small and definitely a student town. One girl has a friend going there and wants to give me her phone number and stuff, which would be great, I´d have a real germany friend in Germany! It´s also nice just being here and seeing Shannon and her friends all adjusted and having fun and enjoying their experience, I know the first few weeks will be tough, but it´s going to be a lot of fun. Anyway- we didn´t stay at the bar very late. I fell asleep right away, yay! maybe I´m getting over the time difference now. Poor Shannon still had homework and then class early this morning. She´s taking a nap at home now. Tonight I think we´re going to one of the nice sea food resturants down by the fishing warf area. I love that there´s so much fishing here, mostly because I love fish, but it´s also just neat in that area. Today I saw a big group of little kids, maybe in kindergarten, out on a field trip around the city and they were watching the women who sit down there and sew up holes in the fish nets. it was so adorable. I miss my baby brother! Say hi to Scott for me, Mom! I apologise for not having pictures of all these pretty places up yet. I have my digital camera with me but I´m an idiot and left the USB connection thing in the case with my laptop in my suitcase in frankfurt, so you´ll have to wait. Shannon has some postcard type pictures up in her albums. So Pretty! Have a nice day everyone :) And if you want a postcard then e-mail me your address!

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