Thursday, March 11

Bombings in Madrid, 190 dead. If you want to hear more about this from someone who knows what's going on I highly recoment you read Shannon's journal from Spain. She did a huge report on Basque Terrorism last semester plus she's actually in Spain and has much more interesting reactions than I. All I can ask myself is, what makes people think that blowing other people up is going to help them get anything done? I don't understand it. I certainly wouldn't give much credit to the political ideas of someone who just killed 190 innocent people. But that's just me. Keep the victims and their families in your thoughts and prayers.

In local news.... So I woke up this morning and stumbled downstairs in my PJ's to get some breakfast and found my parents sitting at the kitchen table with two stange men. Great. I love strangers seeing me in my pajama's in the morning :-P They were actually two of the developers who will soon be turning the corn field next to my house into a lot full of duplexes. Now there's something to put a smile on my face in the morning. Yes the city of Corcoran has finally given in to urban sprawl and although I feel sad at the lose of my wide open spaces my parents could be getting enough money from these evil developers to buy a nice home on a lake.(I like this one).. so.. it has it's good and bad points.

In sports news.. my high school hockey team is currently playing in the state tournament at the xcel energy center-- Bob got to skip school to go to the game. Why didn't they ever make state while I was there?

At this point I should probably apologize for the excessive use of pointless hyperlinks... I just figured out how to use them. You'll also note that I've added lot's of links over there <--- and added a counter and commenting capabilities. I'm getting pretty fancy with all this blogging stuff. It's fun! I read lots of other people's blogs the past couple nights (instead of writing in mine). I especially liked what he has to say about blog writing. It got me very excited about blogs in a sick and twisted english major kind of way. Anyway, I'll probably be back tonight... you could probably stay here and spend all day looking at these links until I get back :-P

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