Friday, March 26


Yay yay yay!! Shannon and I are going to Paris! tomorrow night! I asked if she´d come so that I don´t have to travel alone 24 hours strait again so she´s skipping a few classes and we´re going to paris tomorrow! First we´re going to Bilboa to see the Guggenheim and get some Pintxos (Tapas) and such. Then tomorrow night we´ll take the overnight train. We found a great deal on a hotel at I´m so excited! we´ll see the Eiffel tower! and the Louvre! and Notre Dame! Well, as much as we can in three days anyway, but it will be super fun I´m sure. We got a little guide book- in Spanish of course. But otherwise have no idea what we´re doing, so I´m sure it will be an adventure :) Ok, I just had to keep my loyal blog readers updated on my whereabouts, I´m not sure where or when I´ll write next. Someone tell me how synchro nationals went!

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