Wednesday, March 31

All by Myself

Hmm... some guy outside just said hello to me and told me that he's an artist and wants to draw me because he likes my eyes. Artist my ass. But I'll take it as a complement anyway! anywho... Hello! today I was on my own in Paris. I checked out of our hotel, but they let me keep my bags there. I headed out to the Musee D'Orsee. It was wonderful, really and truly. Absolutely remarkable. I don't know if it's a bad thing, but the Lourve didn't really awe and inspire me, but today was filled with awe. I Guess the older things just seem more like history to me and less like art. If that makes sense. I can't tell you how many times I audibly gasped when I saw a painting. I saw Monet, Van Gogh, Renior, so many others. I could have stood in front of every Renior for an hour, a few I think I nearly did. My nose was like <.....this far.......> from Monet's wather Lily's and Van Gogh's self portrait. Incredible! Of course I've seen Monet's before, but the Minniapolis Institute of arts tends to have the lesser known paintings by well known artists, so it's not quite as impressive. These were all THE paintings that you think of when you think of the artist. It was really cool to see the real thing, I was amazed by the gobs of paint on the impressionist paintings, it's really thick. There was also a lot of pointilism that was neat to see. There were a couple old American women near me looking at them saying "these look like mosaics or something, i like the texture" and I wanted to just yell... It's called Pointelism!! anyway, not that I know that much about art. There were some other neat exhibits and lots of sculptures, I spent about four hours seeing the whole thing. Then I took to the streets. I happened upon one street having some sort of little market thing with tents outside and they all had yummy food... I wanted to try so many things I ended up eating a bit too much probably, but oh well, it's my last day in france. I had Quiche, and cheese, and a Crepe with Nutelle and some kind of Liqure and some stawberries. yum yum. I walked some more, not entirely knowing where I was, and ended up finding the Luxenburge gardens! it was really beautiful, I'm sure it's amazing a little later in the spring. but there are lots of neat statues and plants and it's really big. One part has a huge playground with hundreds of french chilren and a spot for old men to play Bocci ball and tennis courts. It seems to also be where everyone in paris goes to Jog. It was nice to walk around it and sit for a while. Then it started to get cloudy and rain a bit. It took me a while to find a metro as I no longer had any idea where I was, but I did and I made it back to this nice little internet cafe that we've been going to. It's been night sight seeing by myself although I wish Shannon could have seen the things I did today too, I hope she made it back in time for her classes. I still have an hour at least though before I have to get my bags and head for the train station... but it's raining out now, so I think I'll just chill here and catch up on emails for a while. The weather up until half an hour ago has been absolutely perfect. Nice and sunny and just a little cool. I'm not especially looking forward to spending another night on a train, especially alone this time, but it's unavoidable I guess, and I know I can handle it now. I have a stop over in Frankfurt to pick up my other suitcas from the airport and I should get to Munster around 10:30am tomorrow, hopefully I'll figure out the busses and find the guy I need to while he's in his office. hmm. Eminem's Slim Shady just came on the radio in here... hmm, I'm getting sick of all the random american music they play everywhere, serioulsy, we were sitting in a cute little Crepperie yesturday and "It's raining Men" comes on. Huh? Disco? ah well, nothing is ever what you expect, there is a Mcdonalds on every other corner after all. Allright peoples, next time I write I shall be in Deutschland! Hoorah!

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