Saturday, March 13

I wrote this last night but internet explorer was being a dork and I couldn't publish it....

Scotty has a friend sleeping over tonight. They are currently watching Holes and falling asleep in the guest room. They made a serious dent in a Sam’s Club sized box of fruit snacks earlier this evening while playing x-box games. Oh to be a kid again. How can I be so old? All grown up and going off to Europe all alone… I’m scared. Trains are exploding… I don’t have a place to live, what the heck to I think I’m doing? Yeah, so, due to some phone service difficulties I didn’t get to call the housing people today, even after staying up until 3 and getting up again at 7 to try to catch them during business hours. Grr. I’m not used to these people who don’t go out of their way to accommodate me. I’m used to having the school set everything up for me. I realize that I’m spoiled and that part of the purpose of this whole venture is learning to do this kind of stuff alone. But really, why can’t they just do it over e-mail!? Or at least give me some indication of what I’m supposed to do….sigh.

I talked to Chelsea tonight who seems to be surviving her study abroad experience quite well. It was Saturday after noon there when she called and 90* and sunny. Why am I not studying in Australia again? She’s also adjusting to life as an English major after switching her major this semester. You know what that means… books books books! Is it bad that I’m envious of other people’s homework? It’s sick I know, but I miss classes a lot.. I’m trying to read One Hundred Years of Solitude but I’m going pretty slowly. I need assigned reading and class discussions for a book like this….. Oprah’s Book club just isn’t quite doin’ it for me. German classes are going to be a HUGE challenge, which will be good (in a thank God this is pass fail way) but I’m going to miss my English lit classes. Sigh. I want to go! I’m scared to go! Ahh!

Eric is coming tomorrow! Tomorrow! Hoorah! I love my boyfriend and I’m so glad he’s going to be here, hopefully he can keep me from going insane before I get on that plane…. I can’t wait to see him, Florida seems like an eternity ago. Anyway, I might not be getting to many blogs in for a while. I’ll do what I can!


Ok... I'm off to hit the MOA before I pick up Eric from the airport! later ya'll

PS- if you want to read someone else's travel blog- someone who can actuallly write- Garrison Kiellor kept one on his recent book tour.

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